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November 7, 2013


View website - Boxing company founded in Eastern Europe, Lithuania.

Based on many year experience we started from the main thing of any clothes/sport company - from the brand. Only strong, rough and full of power Brand and logo can influence on the partners and customers in the way Sports company needs.

We focused on the main group of factors: on website its self, the clothes, business look of the brand. And on every position we achieved great results for the company under the name BALTLOKIS (Which means from the Lithuania - Baltic Beer). Sounds confidently, right?

Good punch for Facebook

Despite the high competition on the sport market in the Europe we achieved great results in SEO and SMM.

We were able to achieve Top-10 in many "money keywords" in Google for this website, like "Buy boxing gloves";"Buy punching bag";"Boxing equipment", and so on.

Moreover with our experience we were able to make profitable compaigns in Facebook and Instagram aimed on popularization of the brand. And it gave us a great feedback, bringing the potential customers to the main website BALTLOKIS as low as for 1 penny per visitor.