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2018-04-10 - the local newspaper of the small town near the Lithuanian nuclear power plant.

The task were to make the site in the simple sight, doing the accent on the main events and latest news of the town to make it easy to read for all ages citizens and interested people outside the town.

The multi-lingual website is easy to use and navigate within. Visitors can see all required information about the town and keep the track of the events

What have been done?

The brand has been developed from the beginning. We designed the brand new logo which shows clearly the main name of the project in a set with a website name to make it easier to remember and re-visit on a constant base even if this news portal is not in a bookmark list.

Specially for the website we made a huge SEO and SMM work done. We created and promoted on of the largest Facebook group for the citizens of news paper portal which became the largest and most visited town's group as fast as for the half of the year.

By the main keywords "Visagino naujienos" (what literately means "visaginas news" (this paper's town news) Top-1 in the Google, which attracts thousand of visitors everymonth.

More over takes for more than 11 thousand keywords tops in the Google search, which is great for the one-year website